12 and 24 mi Routes 3 and 3A Yellow
Casual Family and Beginner Riders
The 12 mile and 24 mile routes are a bike ride, not a race, which begins at Wilkerson Sanders Memorial Stadium in Rockwall, Texas at 7:30 AM (Check-In begins at 6:00 AM) and generally travels northward up John King Blvd to SH205, then a U-Turn, then back south on John King Blvd to the Finish line at the Stadium.  The 12 mile route is one (1) round trip up John King Blvd. and back to the Stadium, while the 24 mile route makes two (2) round trips up John King Blvd. and back to the Stadium.  There are two (2) rest stops along the route on opposite sides of John King Blvd at Hays Lane, and police will be located at selected intersections.  Note that all routes, 12, 24, 30, and the 54 mile, begin at the same time, but the 54 mile route riders will be closest to the Start Line, followed by the 30 mile route riders, and followed by the 24 and 12 mile riders.  A complimentary lunch is provided by Fuddruckers to registered riders at the end of their routes.

The route map and step by step directions with GPS coordinates are in the download route pdf which can be accessed below.  Remember, this is a bicycle ride, not a race.  The bike ride ends back at Wilkerson Sanders Memorial Stadium.  All riders should be off the routes by Noon.
Click on Map Above for a PDF with Step by Step Directions
2 Rest Stops fully stocked, one on each side of John King Blvd at Hays Lane
Lunch provided FREE to Registered Riders by Fuddruckers after the ride
Lunch provided after your ride is complete, cost included with registration